Rotberger 2020

Rotberger is an extremely rare grape varietal which produces a true rose wine. This wine was grown by and crafted under the watchful eyes of Brent Drought. With over 3 decades of experience producing premium wines, Brent has generously shared his knowledge and story.


Suggested food pairings: Arugula prosciutto and pear salad, Bagel and cream cheese with salmon lox and capers, honey glazed pork tenderloin topped with an apricot raisin compote and crumbled walnuts

Rotberger 2020

  • Sweetness: 1

    Cases Produced: 200

    Brix: 22.4

    pH: 3.04

    T.A: 11.85

    R.S: 10

    V.A: 0.18

    Alcohol: 10%

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