Reserve Chardonnay 2020

Having gently extracted the juice from Grown & Wine Vineyards' premium Chardonnay grapes, 60% went into French Oak Barrels and 40% into stainless steel. The ferments were carefully monitored and only premium "ingredients" were used to aid and encourage the best results. During the fermentation, two of the barrels were dosed with malolactic bacteria, which converts malic acid naturally present in the grape into smooth, buttery lactic acid. This gives the wine a fuller, silkier mouthfeel and allows the delicate flavours of Chardonnay to shine. Expect to find light butterscotch and lemon on the nose, followed by a creamy, full palate of lemon custard, white peach, and buttery popcorn, finishing with a memory of stealing brown sugar cookie dough from the bowl. Serve just above fridge temperature.

Reserve Chardonnay 2020

  • Cases Produced: 245

    Alcohol: 12.4%

    Brix: 22

    pH: 3.36

    T.A: 10.4

    R.S: 10

    V.A: 0.27

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