Focus Riesling 2020

The grapes for our 2020 Focus Riesling were hand selected from the vines with the smallest berries in the Wong Vineyard in Oyama, BC. Smaller berries provide a higher ratio of skin to the volume of juice. A high skin-to-juice ratio creates more intensity in the aromas and flavours. The Focus Riesling was fermented very slowly, allowing us to retain the fruit character. Then, we used extrensive lees stirring to help develop the body of the wine. On the nose, aromas of fresh peach and lemon welcome the senses. On the palate, nectarine and juicy white peach are tasted initially, leaving you with a minerality to finish.


Suggested Food Pairings: Gnocchi, lobster rolls, sharp or creamy cheese



Focus Riesling 2020

  • Cases Produced: 215

    Alcohol: 10.05%

    Brix: 19.5

    pH: 3.02

    T.A: 11.1

    R.S: 10

    V.A: 0.27

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