Damitz Good 2020

This wine is a tribute to our good friend Rob Damitz (1958-2011).


We strived to make a wine that represented Rob's love of life and passion for wine.

Rob helped make this original Bordeaux blend that is aged in oak barrels for an average of 24 months. Each year we hold back a portion of the wine to add to future vintages. This allows each bottle to contain wine that Rob helped craft.


Damitz Good red blend has notes of plums, blackberries, warm spices, and chocolate. This medium bodied wine has layers of complexity which work together to create a velvety texture.


We can only hope that Rob would give his stamp of approval on this centure to honour his memory.


A portion of the proceeds of every bottle will be given to the Rob Damitz Endowment Fund.

Damitz Good 2020

  • Cases Produced: 294

    pH: 3.56

    T.A: 6.2

    R.S: 4

    Alcohol: 14.5%

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